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Welcome to Pontius’ Puddle, a small, shallow, sludge-filled wallow that just so happens to be in the exact center of the universe.

For the creatures who reside here, this isolated pool was a carefree refuge until we began to recognize that the world beyond our boundaries was filled with need. No longer able to ignore the problems that surrounded us, we knew what we had to do: discipline ourselves not to care. So our creed became: If it doesn’t happen to me, how important can it be? Maintaining a strong sense of apathy

Maintaining a strong sense of apathy

On this website, I share with you some of these insights. Study well and whenever you have the urge to fall asleep in church, pass a volunteer sheet along unsigned, toss a charity request into the trash, or surf past shots of hungry children on TV, rest assured my sentiments will be with you.

After all, why was the Earth created three-quarters water if God didn’t expect us to wash or hands of responsibility.


ForĀ 31 years, Joel Kauffmann brought life to Pontius’ Puddle, which has circulated in over 200 publications worldwide.

“To laugh at others is human. To laugh with them is divine.” – Joel Kauffmann

Joel at work



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